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Bellino The Pocket Robot FREE


Meet Bellino, the cognitive robot for your smartphone! He can get to know you and recognize your face in a later point in time. You can talk with him and let him tell (more or less) funny jokes. The robot verifies your face and checks if you are smiling! Watch the video to get an insight into the functionality of the app. Instruction: Bellino speaks english. To start interacting with him, you should greet first. After that, Bellino listens to the commands you give him. If you don't want to talk with him anymore, you can tell him goodbye. Use the menu button to see the grammar, that Bellino understands. Remarks: - The computervision works best in a well illuminated environment- You need a WIFI connection for the speech recognition
This is the result of a research project of the Cologne University of Applied Science, which focused on the implementation of cognitive features on the Android device. All computer vision features were made with the open source library OpenCV.
The following features are implemented:- Face detection- Face recognition- Smile detection- Continous speech recognition- Grammar- Animations- Speech output
Note: You will need the apps "OpenCV manager", "Google" and "Google Text-To-Speech" to run the robot. If they are missing, you will be redirected to the PlayStore entries.
We appreciate any feedback according to the functionality on your smartphone. Please write us an e-mail under specification of your device and your Android version or comment this store entry. Thank you!